What is the best rig for deep sea fishing?

CAROLINA RIG OR FISH SEARCH PLATFORM A Carolina rig is one of the best saltwater fishing rigs because it can be used with artificial or natural saltwater baits. It's probably the best fishing gear to keep the bait close to the bottom and prevent it from hanging on the bottom. Learn more about handling plastic shadows and jelly worms. Learn more about how to handle lead-tipped decoys.

Learn more about a simple offshore fishing rig. Using dead bait is the easiest option for most people, since you can buy them at the local tackle store. Sardines, mullets, menhaden or pure minnows will all do their job. The key is to let the bait fall to the bottom like a dead fish.

As the name suggests, this saltwater fishing platform is designed to be launched at high tide and away from the boat, so that the fish are not frightened by the anchored boat that lurks above them. Unless you're a fully dedicated lure angler, you'll need some saltwater fishing gear for boat fishing, and there are a few to choose from. When a good fishing platform is combined with quality bait, you get a combination that no bottom fish can ignore. Fundamentally, saltwater fishing rigs must be designed and constructed in a way that presents their bait or lure in a way that appears natural to a fish.

One of the most common line combinations for seabed fishing is a main line braided together with a fluoro leader. The tandem hook versions of these bottom fishing rigs are worth taking a look at: the stinger platform for fish that bite little and the well platform for “uncomfortable” baits, for example, and the colorful and eye-catching versions, such as flat fish platforms. It's ideal fishing gear for casting from harbor walls and docks, and a sliding floating tackle allows you to present your bait deep without compromising this equipment's extended launch capacity. All the popular variations of Paternoster and Ledger rigs apply here, but most bottom fishing rigs designed for boat fishing have longer hook tracks than would be practical for surf fishing rigs.

Essential jig fishing tips to help you select the right lure for successful jig fishing, along with the techniques needed to get the most out of your jig fishing outfit.

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