What is considered deep sea fishing?

Offshore fishing, also known as big game game or deep-sea fishing, is done far from shore in waters that are at least 100 feet deep. If you go, you can set sail and enjoy a day in the Atlantic Ocean while taking your fishing skills beyond the previous limit. In Florida, “deep sea fishing” or “deep sea fishing” is often understood to mean deep-sea fishing in the deep, blue waters of the Atlantic Gulf Stream. This is in contrast to fishing in the nearshore waters around the Keys, or in the mountainous area of the Keys, which extends north from Key West along the coast to the Marathon Keys.

The Keys became famous for deep sea fishing in the early 1900s. These were the first days of motorized sport fishing, when authors such as Ernest Hemingway and Zane Grey enjoyed the sport and later unveiled their adventurous battles with big fish. Deep sea fishing means you'll have access to deep-sea fish, which may introduce a whole new type of fishing. Most people call recreational fishing done less than 100 feet in ocean waters deep sea fishing.

If you are new to deep sea fishing, you should never travel alone in a group, as this is a more dangerous sport than the average fishing exploration. However, in today's Key West, Deep Sea and Offshore are general terms that refer more to the type of vessel, gear and techniques used by anglers than to the specific fishing location, the distance to the coast or the target fish species. Most modern fishing boats have radars and plotters to increase safety at sea and navigate with precision. In some places, waters over 100 feet deep are home to famous big game monsters that are synonymous with deep-sea fishing.

Fishing in the bay is usually just you and the fish, while deep-sea fishing is more about bonding, having fun and enjoying the company of others while fishing. Deep sea fishing can also involve exploring the depths of the ocean for bottom fish, as well as testing your skills against brutal reef fish. Unlike coastal or nearshore fishing, deep-sea fishing is generally done in waters at least 100 feet deep and up to a hundred miles or more offshore. When deciding on your offshore fishing charter in the U.S.

In the US, think about whether you want to fish in state or federal waters. Offshore fishing involves being in open water, usually so far from the coast that you can no longer see it. Knowing what exactly is considered deep sea fishing can be quite confusing, especially for novice anglers. So why is the distinction between deep-sea and deep-sea fishing important? Well, it can have an impact on the amount of time you'll travel, as well as the fish you'll target.

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